The Real Prize is You

When I was younger, if I asked a girl for her phone number and she turned me down, I would be crushed. It would take me days and sometimes weeks to put my ego back together again and regain confidence.

Eventually, I came to understand the power of self-validation, of not looking to someone outside of yourself to confer value on your identity. I learned that nothing is cooler, nothing is smoother, nothing is more debonair than being a person who sees their own potential as the ultimate prize to be pursued.

If you like someone, let them know. But never let your sense of dignity depend on their response. There’s no single person on the planet whose affection or approval is sweeter than the taste of self-knowledge, self-confidence, & self-respect.

Knowing who you are when you walk into a room is far more important than mastering any techniques on how to work the room.

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