The Untold Story of the Unmade You

May you remember the dreams of your youth. May you allow their energy to speak to your heart again. May you ask them to teach you how to marvel again, how to aspire again, how to play again, how to bring enchantment to the everyday again. May the spaces left empty by your unfulfilled longings be filled with delightful new forms of wanting. May every piece of every shattered dream become a seed of hope that sprouts wide and wildly in the pastures of your imagination. May you find the grace to forgive yourself for what you have not accomplished and may you discover the faith to reinvent yourself into the author of a daringly different narrative. May you be released from the brooding contemplation of what you might have been and may you know the ravishing bliss of directing the tide of what you are becoming. May the untold story of the unmade you be blessed by the work of your hands and carried forward by the resilience of your heart.

2 thoughts on “The Untold Story of the Unmade You

  1. I do indeed hope to flourish in the field that I am planted and inspire others around me to push beyond their limits. This is what I expect this year to prepare for me as I take the necessary steps to walk the path I have thus chosen.

    Thanks for another excellent and encouraging post.

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