Education = Endurance

If you can’t learn from someone you dislike or disagree with, you can’t learn at all. There are no perfect teachers, trainers, or thinkers. In order to grow, you have to endure the shortcomings and oversights of people who need to do the same. Don’t look for flawless educators and experts. Look for whatever truth… Continue reading Education = Endurance

The True Source of Opportunity

Two questions: Who’s hiring? How am I making myself more hireable and indispensable? If you’re NOT generating great answers to #2, it won’t matter how many great answers there are to #1. Generate great answers to #2 and the answer to #1 will change because of you. Opportunities are not “open” or “closed” based on… Continue reading The True Source of Opportunity

The Time Is Now

Don’t let the following thought stop you from sharing what you have to offer: “But I haven’t been 100% consistent with my philosophy.” Nobody is 100% on their A-game all the time. We all fall short of the standards and ideals we pursue. That’s why we pursue them: because we understand that character is a… Continue reading The Time Is Now

You’re Already Paying for It

Imagine that you had to pay $5 for every minute you gave your attention to something. Would this expense alter your pattern of responding to clickbait and gossip? Substitute “energy” for “money.” You’re already there. The only difference is that you’re paying a lot more than $5 per minute.

Hoarding Doesn’t Help

Create as if you’ll never run out of ideas and you’ll never run out of ideas. Save your ideas just in case you run out of them tomorrow and you’ll run out of them tomorrow. Creative ideas become scarce when you hoard them and prolific when you use them. If you want a steady flow… Continue reading Hoarding Doesn’t Help