Grab the Books That Grab You

It doesn’t matter how good “they” say a book is if you’re not going to read it. Put that “great” book down and pick up one that compels your attention. Great books are like great ideas: It’s better to actually engage a mediocre one than to merely fantasize about a great one.

Notes from Death of a Salesman

Last night I attended a production of¬†Death of a Salesman at the¬†Footlight Players Theatre Here are some thoughts and takeaways from my viewing. 1. Think about your career in terms of “Windows of opportunity.” What’s hot right now might not be hot in the future. Today’s connections may be no good tomorrow. The people and… Continue reading Notes from Death of a Salesman

Stay Ahead of the Frenzy

The frenzy state makes fools of us all. If you want to be a good decision maker, problem solver, or generator of creative ideas, build your life on a foundation of rest, nourishment, & orderliness. The mind is at its best when it works from a state of composure rather than reactivity.

A Small List of Things You Can Give Besides Money

Words of encouragement Words of appreciation Perspective Empathy “How-to” knowledge A helping hand Connections Stories Laughter Company Attention Compassion Good book recommendations Good music recommendations Good podcast recommendations Recipes Possessions you no longer need Good conversation Handwritten thank-you notes. Sincere questions that give people the opportunity to talk about what interest them. The gift of… Continue reading A Small List of Things You Can Give Besides Money