Don’t Apply for “A Job”

Don’t apply for “a job.” That’s too general. Apply for a specific opportunity to create a specific kind of value for a specific company. If you apply for something, that’s actually what you’re doing anyway. So you might as well adopt a mindset that’s congruent with the task. Apply for jobs with the same practical… Continue reading Don’t Apply for “A Job”

Your Future Is Not a Debate

Instead of pressuring yourself to discover and defend new dogmas, focus on exploring and experimenting with new mental models. Self-improvement is an adventure, not a religion. There’s no need to meet a belief-requirement, recite a creed, or pledge lifelong allegiance to a particular school of philosophy in order to better yourself. Just choose to do… Continue reading Your Future Is Not a Debate

Two Economic Tragedies

Two economic tragedies: 1. Refusing to acknowledge any forms of value that don’t make money. (Ie. “Friendships and hobbies are a waste of time unless they advance your career.”) 2. Resenting markets for not rewarding all the things we value in terms of money. (Ie. “I enjoy laughing, listening to music, and hanging out at… Continue reading Two Economic Tragedies

Try Before You Know

Conducting an experiment to explore what works > Making a religion out of every newly discovered self-improvement technique. In design thinking, there’s a process known as “Proof of Concept.” This is when you create a pilot version of a project in order gauge your idea against the feedback of some real world experience. This works… Continue reading Try Before You Know

Develop a Rich Mind

Abundance doesn’t just mean “having a lot of things.” It means “having a lot of ways to think about things.” It’s possible to have a lot of talents, connections, advantages, and opportunities, but still feel like “it’s not enough” or “I’m not enough” if you only have 1-2 ways to think about what you have.… Continue reading Develop a Rich Mind