You Already Have It

Some fantasize “If I were rich, I’d use the money for good causes.” Why wait? Instead of putting off generosity until you’ve accumulated more assets, find a way to make a difference with assets you might be undervaluing. You don’t have to be rich to start practicing the mindset. Generosity is the willingness to share… Continue reading You Already Have It

Never Write Checks That You Can’t Cash: Career Edition

Here’s a career-building spin on the old principle “Never write checks that you can’t cash.” Whenever you turn down a job opportunity, you’re writing yourself a check. The amount of the check you just wrote for yourself = how much that company was going to pay you + any other perceived value you would have… Continue reading Never Write Checks That You Can’t Cash: Career Edition

Start with You

All help is self-help because no one can help you in spite of yourself. There’s no mentor, teacher, coach, or professional contact who’s good enough to help you advance your life without your willingness to be receptive. Inner resolve must precede outside resources. Before you buy that book, program, or course, make sure you’ve bought… Continue reading Start with You

How to Be Taken Seriously

The best way to be taken seriously is by doing serious work. Waking up and deciding “Today I’m going to start getting serious” is a good start, but it’s only the beginning. A great brand requires trust, credibility, and social capital. And those things require time to build. Dream big and aim high, but don’t… Continue reading How to Be Taken Seriously