On asking for opinions

If you ask for an opinion, you’re probably going to get one. So before you ask, make sure… 1) An opinion is what you actually want, 2) You’re capable of tolerating feedback you may dislike or disagree with, 3) The person you’re asking is someone whose experience and expertise you sincerely respect, and 4) You’re… Continue reading On asking for opinions

Blog Post #365: Are you entitled?

I’ve had people ask me, “Do you think I’m entitled?” This question is usually voiced in response to the insecurities one feels about some desire or expectation they have. It’s another way of asking, “is it irrational, unrealistic, inconsiderate, unfair, insane, immature, or inappropriate for me to want what I want?” Here’s my two cents:… Continue reading Blog Post #365: Are you entitled?

Don’t try to figure them out (all the time)

You don’t need to understand the inner psychological workings of every single person who frustrates you. In many cases, the pursuit of such knowledge is just a distraction from the real issue; Frustration is what results when you feel like you’re not in control of the process of ensuring that your core needs are being… Continue reading Don’t try to figure them out (all the time)