Get to work

It’s easy to be outraged. Getting angry about the world’s evils is a fast and convenient way to appear righteous and respectable. Nothing enrobes a man with an aura of conferred credibility quite like the act of being appalled by the failings and flaws of others. But when our brief spells of fashionable moral indignation… Continue reading Get to work

Shatter my beliefs

The man who threatens to disprove my beliefs is my greatest ally. For with the stripping away of my precious assumptions comes the dissolution of those boundaries and limitations created by my dogmatic attachment to a particular way of seeing. In the loss of certainty is the emergence of possibility. So, I bless those who… Continue reading Shatter my beliefs

Optimism doesn’t begin with faith, belief, or trust

You can’t discover new possibilities until you look for them. You won’t look for new possibilities unless you’re open to the idea that they actually exist. You can’t be open to the idea that new possibilities actually exist, until you recognize that you don’t know most of what there is to know. The presumption that… Continue reading Optimism doesn’t begin with faith, belief, or trust

Friends and family

A friend is someone who loves to spend time with you. A brother is someone who’s still capable of loving you even when you can’t spend time with them. A friend is someone who “gets you.” A sister is someone who has your back even when, after all your explanations, she still doesn’t have a… Continue reading Friends and family