I tap the Source of all blessings

“When we first focus our thoughts and energies on life’s highest purpose, there follow the most efficacious earthly consequences. It is only when we tap The Source of all blessings that blessings become the lot of mankind. ‘Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and all these things shall be added unto you.’    Once we have our fundamental… Continue reading I tap the Source of all blessings

You have nothing to lose!

There are no sacrifices! Remember your limitlessness! Embrace your power! Release your fear! Be courageously creative! In this Universe of redemption and renewal, nothing is lost. The only thing we really “give up” is the false appearance of powerlessness and the anxiety it generates. When you commit your mind to an empowering philosophy, you draw only Good… Continue reading You have nothing to lose!

I am independent

The quality of my life is independent   I don’t need to have what others refer to as a “good day” in order to create a great life. My seemingly bad days are simply opportunities for me to demonstrate the superiority of character over circumstance. By choosing to be larger than my conditions, I teach others how… Continue reading I am independent

I am a perfect unfolding of the wholeness of God

I am whole as is. I am well as is. I am wise as is. My pace in life is not measured by clocks and calendars, but by my steady willingness to love myself more and more, bit by bit, day by day. Rather than evaluating myself solely in terms of the results I achieve,… Continue reading I am a perfect unfolding of the wholeness of God

I declare myself a being of Imagination

Today I choose to take my imagination seriously. I choose to see the playful aspects of my character as powerful, pragmatic, and prudent. I do not dismiss my unusual ideas as meaningless or random thoughts to be ignored by a mature mind. Instead, I allow myself to see those ideas as evidence of Eternity seeking… Continue reading I declare myself a being of Imagination