On Telling “It” Like “it” is

If your version of “it” is always dreadful, discouraging, and gloomy, then it is highly unlikely that you’re someone who describes “it” as “it” really is. Sometimes “it” is okay. Sometimes “it” works.¬†Sometimes “it” is helpful. Sometimes “it” is easy. Sometimes “it” is rewarding. Sometimes “it” is worth appreciating. Sometimes “it” is moving in a… Continue reading On Telling “It” Like “it” is

The Mark of Mastery

Never let leading take the lead over learning. Our greatest responsibility is not to the growth of others, but to the continual evolution of our own intelligence, our own integrity, and our own sense of imagination. The best way to reach the people we teach is by maintaining what Zen Philosophy calls a “beginner’s mind.”… Continue reading The Mark of Mastery

It’s Not Easy Being Right

“You can be right without being righteous about it.” -Ram Dass Why do people have such a difficult time admitting they’re wrong? Maybe (just maybe) because those who are right are not always so gracious about the fact that they are right. Sometimes we’re more invested in proving our point than in making it easier… Continue reading It’s Not Easy Being Right

The Whole of Me

I am not an entity in the abstract. My existence is made manifest in a specific¬†form. I have shape. I have size. I have color. I have gender. I have sexuality. Wherever I am present, these attributes are present with me. I cannot ignore them. I do not wish to ignore them. I will not… Continue reading The Whole of Me