That Person Who Doesn’t like You?

They have at least 10 people who don’t like them for similar or worse reasons. Don’t let being disliked be the thing that stops you. We’re all disliked. No exceptions. Some of us just know how to keep putting one foot in front of the other.

Disagreeing with the Minimalists

“How can I be forthright with my friends without offending them?” “What is the best way to agree to disagree?” “How do you support the people you love when you disagree with their choices?” I recently had a great conversation with Josh and Ryan (AKA The Minimalists) on disagreement, arguments, and conflict. Check out our… Continue reading Disagreeing with the Minimalists

Choose to Make Choices

When you say… “Because I don’t trust my own judgment, I’m going to let so and so make my decisions for me” You’re really saying… “I trust my own judgment to make good decisions about who I should outsource my decision-making to.” Every decision, including the decision to delegate your decisions to another, begins with… Continue reading Choose to Make Choices