Who do you think you are?

When they say: “Who do you think you are to sit there and announce your ideas to the world as if anyone should care?” I say: “Nothing less than who you thought you were when you gave yourself the permission to challenge me.” The world is free to criticize you, but that doesn’t mean you… Continue reading Who do you think you are?

Where are you getting your anger from?

Someone wakes up in the morning and screams “everyone is angry about X!” Then everyone starts to ask “Why would anyone be angry about X?” Then some people think up a few reasons why someone *could* be angry about X.” Debates ensue. Eventually everyone is angry about X.

How to show up strong

The best way to show up strong is by only showing up for the things you feel strongly about. Sometimes we show up weakly because we’re showing up to weak things for weak reasons. When you make stronger demands on the things that demand your time, your strength will become clear in everything you do.… Continue reading How to show up strong