Writing Begins Within

A man doesn’t write with his pen. He writes with his mind. The tools and techniques of one’s craft are secondary to the concepts and convictions that move him to create. Without ideas, and the inspiration they provide, the instrument is rendered irrelevant. Let he who desires to write, also desire to think.  A man’s… Continue reading Writing Begins Within

Christianity, Self-interest, and The Myth of Altruism

In a recent post, I argued that even when you do things for others, you’re doing them for you. I followed up with a post on yesterday entitled None Are Selfless in which I elaborated on the same theme. Since then, I have been asked to give my thoughts about how this idea relates to Christianity. Doesn’t the… Continue reading Christianity, Self-interest, and The Myth of Altruism

None Are Selfless

“I did it for me. I liked it. I was good at it. And I was really — I was alive.” Walt, Breaking Bad “If I don’t buy a new dress so that I can feed my son, it’s not a sacrifice, as I value my son more than the dress.” -Alana Bush “The incentive that… Continue reading None Are Selfless

Interior Depth

“Wisest is he who knows that he does not know.” -Socrates When a man finds answers, he acquires knowledge. When a man wrestles with questions, he acquires interior depth. A good education facilitates the acquisition of both. The greatest disservice one can perform towards his own growth is to limit his inquiries and pursuits to questions… Continue reading Interior Depth

Creativity Creates

Creativity is not an ontological state. There is nothing one can be or cease to be, in terms of his existential qualities or defining attributes, that excludes him from participating in the creative process. Creativity is about making things, building things, deconstructing things, renovating things, and designing things. New possibilities are introduced to the world… Continue reading Creativity Creates