Feelings are friends, not foes

Feelings are like friends: All of them are good, as long as we understand how to properly engage them. Strictly speaking, there are no negative emotions (although I understand and accept the informal use of this description) because none of our feelings are evil or intrinsically harmful. Certain emotional sensations may be unpleasant or uncomfortable,… Continue reading Feelings are friends, not foes

The way of self-destruction

“Self-destruction is the answer.” -Tyler Durden, Fight Club Smash the false concepts upon which your current sense of personal identity depends. Annihilate the suffocating stories of misery, weakness, and impoverishment that you habitually spin about your life. Demolish the version of ‘you’ that’s defined by the sense of being a victim. Destruction is as beautiful… Continue reading The way of self-destruction

If wealth were the key, none of us would be free

If wealth were a necessary condition for success, then history books would only contain stories of revolutionaries who were the children of rich men. What we actually find, on the contrary, are people from every class and category changing the world through the power of imagination and self-determinism. Money is a powerful tool, but it… Continue reading If wealth were the key, none of us would be free