What it Really Takes to be Creative

I recently wrote a post for Medium entitled Creativity isn’t Sexy. Creativity is about Creating. In that post, I discussed one of the biggest myths about creativity that prevents many would-be artists from doing the work they so deeply desire to do. Since publishing that article, one of the producers from Cliff Central contacted me… Continue reading What it Really Takes to be Creative

How to Build a Legacy

One constructive deed at a time. One creative act at a time. And so a legacy is built. It’s always in this order. The work comes first and the glorious narrative of the creative genius, if it ever comes at all, is woven and spun around the world’s reaction to the work. Artists aren’t made… Continue reading How to Build a Legacy

Creativity Creates

Creativity is not an ontological state. There is nothing one can be or cease to be, in terms of his existential qualities or defining attributes, that excludes him from participating in the creative process. Creativity is about making things, building things, deconstructing things, renovating things, and designing things. New possibilities are introduced to the world… Continue reading Creativity Creates

Keep it creative

The difference between a critic and a critical thinker is that the former merely points out flaws in existing conditions while the latter actually advances alternatives. The role of a critic is essential. Without knowledge of our failings, we can never transform our vulnerabilities into strengths. But as Isaac Morehouse warned in Criticize by Creating,… Continue reading Keep it creative

Creating versus feeling good

I don’t look at creative power as something that depends on our being in a pleasant mood. I see creative power as a force that is capable of embodying or expressing itself through a variety of states. We are just as capable of creating when sad or angry as we are when serene or ecstatic.… Continue reading Creating versus feeling good