Fallacies I See: “You ALWAYS Have An Answer!”

The Preemptive Strike Fallacy: This fallacy is committed when someone assumes they’ve discredited your rebuttal to their arguments simply by forecasting the fact that you would dare to have a response at all. It’s usually expressed in the form of sarcastic statements like “I’m sure you’re going to have a response to this because you… Continue reading Fallacies I See: “You ALWAYS Have An Answer!”

Entertaining Possibilities Without Prejudice

There’s always another way to look at things. This observation doesn’t mean, however, that the conventional and traditional ways are wrongheaded, silly, and meaningless. An alternative isn’t always the same as an antithesis. Critical thinking is the ability to entertain new possibilities without arbitrarily closing our minds to what remains useful in our previously held… Continue reading Entertaining Possibilities Without Prejudice

Whose mind is it anyway?

It makes no sense to ridicule those who place blind faith in Pseudoscience, only to become someone who places blind faith in Science, Politics, Philosophy, or any other kind of external Authority. Blind faith is blind faith even if one’s dogmatic commitments are anointed by Academia. To invoke the words of Herbert V. Guenther, “There… Continue reading Whose mind is it anyway?