Download this mental anti-spyware in “?” format

Instructions: Create a mental file folder and name it “My Negative Beliefs.” Install the following questions onto your mental hard drive in the “My Negative Beliefs” folder: Q1: How can I be sure that this particular belief, judgment, interpretation, or perspective is valid? Q2: Again, how can I be really really sure? Q3: Is there… Continue reading Download this mental anti-spyware in “?” format

Sympathetic Vibration

The secrets of the Universe are encoded in the Language of Love. As we become more akin to vibrating at the higher frequencies of compassion, the mysteries of the cosmos reveal themselves to us and we begin to understand, with our hearts, the felt meaning of life. In the Ancient Greek world, Aristotle formulated what… Continue reading Sympathetic Vibration

Excitement is the engine

The creative process is not about the results we create. It’s about the energy that we flow while in the act of creation. Creativity is not just about getting somewhere other than where we are. It’s also about tasting the aliveness of the present moment by bringing the presence of imagination to our ordinary affairs.… Continue reading Excitement is the engine