There is Only One Way to Save Our City

MORPHEUS: Commander we need a presence inside the matrix to await contact from the Oracle. LOCK: I don’t want to hear that s***. I don’t care about Oracles or prophecies or Messiahs. I care about one thing…stopping that army from destroying this city and to do that, I need soldiers to obey my orders. MORPHEUS:… Continue reading There is Only One Way to Save Our City

Dear Everyone,

Whoever and wherever you are, I wish you nothing but freedom. The things you believe, say, and do, even if they annoy me or make me uncomfortable, will never ever extinguish the fire within me that burns for the freedom of all (including yours). My desire for the liberation of all individuals won’t be compromised… Continue reading Dear Everyone,

I Intend To Be Free

  Whenever I feel too lazy or too busy to study, meditate, and reflect, I think of Frederick Douglass. In the contemplation of his self-determined brilliance and bravery, the strength of my obstacles begin to subside. I return to my work with the following resolve: I shall never be a slave to my excuses!

Freedom Is A Pre-political Pursuit

Liberty is a lifestyle and the quest for freedom is a pre-political pursuit. Man must not only express his desire to be free through the establishment of institutions and laws that respect his individual rights, but he must also, with equal or greater fervor, strive to maintain a sense of his own creative power as… Continue reading Freedom Is A Pre-political Pursuit

Creativity Cannot Be Enslaved

It is my conviction that imagination, unconventional thinking, and creative intelligence are more powerful than political tyranny and legislative force. If you’d like to hear more of my thoughts on creativity and its relationship to human freedom, I’ll be giving a talk for the SFL Webinar Series entitled “Creativity Cannot Be Enslaved” with Q&A to follow. You can… Continue reading Creativity Cannot Be Enslaved