TK’s Two Cents on “Turning the other cheek”

When you can allow the critics to criticize you without being critical of their criticism, then you are free. When you “turn the other cheek” by shifting your attention away from the opposition, your mental forces will be free to draw the things you really need into your experience. T.K. Coleman

TK’s Two Cents: Criticism versus Creativity

Shooting down another person’s ideas is no substitute for constructing a well-thought position of your own.   Don’t be content to merely sit back and criticize the efforts of those who exercise initiative. Criticism has its place, but in the end, it’s what we create that counts. T.K. Coleman

TK’s Two Cents on “Showing up”

Make your first decision today be the choice to show up. Happiness is already here waiting to satisfy you. Creativity is already here ready to dialogue with you. Success is already here waiting to shower you with its rewards.   Now it’s time for you to join them.   Let this be the day you… Continue reading TK’s Two Cents on “Showing up”

TK’s two cents on “Grabbing happiness by the horns”

They say power is never given, but is instead usurped by those who are hungry enough to do whatever it takes to have it. Well, the same is true of a good time. Sometimes you just have to grab happiness by the horns and say “you’re coming with me, today, whether you like it or not!” I’ve met… Continue reading TK’s two cents on “Grabbing happiness by the horns”