Professional Optimism

“I get it, it’s nice up here. You could just shut down all the systems, turn down all the lights, just close your eyes and tune out everyone. There’s nobody up here that can hurt you. It’s safe. What’s the point of going on? What’s the point of living? Your kid died, it doesn’t get… Continue reading Professional Optimism

The season has just begun

I just read an article on about the Indiana Pacers. The Pacers, at 9-0, were the only remaining undefeated basketball team this season until last Saturday when they lost by 16 points to the Chicago Bulls. Prior to Saturday, they looked invincible. Their nine game winning streak included impressive wins over several top contenders.… Continue reading The season has just begun

Be critical

The antithesis of negativity is not positive thinking, but critical thinking. Skepticism, rather than optimism, is the most powerful way to undermine pessimistic presuppositions. The perception of doom and gloom does not arise from a lack of faith in the goodness of the Universe, but from an overabundance of confidence in what we think we… Continue reading Be critical

Even when life is hard, it can be easy

There are two kinds of ease; internal ease and external ease. Internal ease refers to the sense of relief you feel in the absence of resistance. It’s the by-product of how successfully you conquer or cope with the bullshit inside of your own head. External ease refers to the relative absence of challenging circumstances. It’s… Continue reading Even when life is hard, it can be easy