The Whole of Me

I am not an entity in the abstract. My existence is made manifest in a specific¬†form. I have shape. I have size. I have color. I have gender. I have sexuality. Wherever I am present, these attributes are present with me. I cannot ignore them. I do not wish to ignore them. I will not… Continue reading The Whole of Me

Maybe (Just Maybe) There’s Nothing Wrong With You

Much of what we call “sin” is simply a matter of a person not fitting in. Some of us need to spend less time apologizing for our personalities¬†and more time seeking out the spaces where we truly belong, where we truly thrive; where our presence, our style, and our unique form of brilliance is genuinely… Continue reading Maybe (Just Maybe) There’s Nothing Wrong With You


Conventional wisdom tells us that we can’t escape the reality of who we are by changing the location of our physical environment. According to this logic, our personality is primarily an internal phenomenon consisting of thoughts, feelings, and intentions that have their nature independently of outside conditions. Any effects that our environments have on us… Continue reading Escape