Keep it creative

The difference between a critic and a critical thinker is that the former merely points out flaws in existing conditions while the latter actually advances alternatives. The role of a critic is essential. Without knowledge of our failings, we can never transform our vulnerabilities into strengths. But as Isaac Morehouse warned in Criticize by Creating,… Continue reading Keep it creative

Breakdowns without blame

A “breakdown” is any situation in which an expectation is unmet, a plan is thwarted, or a need goes unfulfilled. When breakdowns occur, it’s exceptionally easy to look around in search of someone to blame. To be clear, I distinguish analyzing from blaming. Analyzing is when you seek to determine the cause of a problem with… Continue reading Breakdowns without blame

An incident is not an issue

I’m convinced that most of us are not worn out by big issues. It’s just that we tend to squander our resources on the little things until we have nothing left in the tank when we attempt to address the big things. It’s sorta like the guy who eats out a lot and spends $15-20 on food everyday. It doesn’t seem like a big deal… Continue reading An incident is not an issue

Problems: If you put them down, they might not be there when you come back

You don’t have to stick your head in the sand in order to give your mind a break When confronted with an unexpected challenge that throws our routine off kilter, it is easy to feel as if that challenge must be treated with urgency and immediately resolved. The prospect of moving forward with one’s day… Continue reading Problems: If you put them down, they might not be there when you come back