Self-Help or Self-Hurt?

Even though Self-help books are designed to help us help ourselves, they sometimes end up having the opposite affect. Over the course of my lifetime, I’ve met many people who’ve picked up self-help books with a great deal of optimism only to finish reading them with less hope than what they started out with. What’s… Continue reading Self-Help or Self-Hurt?

A Pedagogy With Passion

The soulĀ of any worthwhile pedagogy is the teacher’s desire and determination to lead by example. Educators cannot inspire a love for learning in others if their own hearts haven’t been enraptured by that very love. One must know what it means to caress an idea if he or she has is to have any hope… Continue reading A Pedagogy With Passion

Do You Know What Your Epistemology Is?

Epistemology is the branch of philosophy that deals with questions about what constitutes knowledge, rationality, justified belief, etc. Your opinions about how we know things, the limits of what we can know, and what constitutes a good standard for evidence are the elements that comprise your epistemology. Everyone has an epistemology whether they consciously reflect… Continue reading Do You Know What Your Epistemology Is?

Personal Development Project for October 2015

For the month of October, I will read one manifesto from per day. AfterĀ completing each manifesto, I’ll write a blog post inspired by one or more of the concepts espoused by that manifesto. A manifesto lies somewhere in the middle between a long-form blog post and a book. It usually ranges anywhere from 5-50… Continue reading Personal Development Project for October 2015