Everything Isn’t Everything

Money isn’t everything, but neither is anything else. A good education isn’t everything. Being married isn’t everything. Having kids isn’t everything. Being in love with someone isn’t everything. Physical health isn’t everything. Having amazing friends isn’t everything. Appreciating fine art isn’t everything. Working hard isn’t everything. Taking care of your physical appearance isn’t everything. A… Continue reading Everything Isn’t Everything

Don’t Punish yourself Pt. 2

There’s nothing wrong with you My personal problem with the whole “motivate myself with guilt & self-condemnation” approach is that it rests on what I perceive to be a flawed assumption about human nature. It assumes that who you are is essentially bad and can’t be trusted. If you are left to your own devices,… Continue reading Don’t Punish yourself Pt. 2

Don’t Punish Yourself

No matter how much I disappoint myself or others, I’m going to keep believing in myself. I’m going to keep doing the best I know how. I may feel like a loser at times, but I’m going to persist in looking for the qualities within myself that evince greatness. As I look for evidence of  beauty,… Continue reading Don’t Punish Yourself

Problems: If you put them down, they might not be there when you come back

You don’t have to stick your head in the sand in order to give your mind a break When confronted with an unexpected challenge that throws our routine off kilter, it is easy to feel as if that challenge must be treated with urgency and immediately resolved. The prospect of moving forward with one’s day… Continue reading Problems: If you put them down, they might not be there when you come back

Be The Power

We do not merely believe in the existence of a higher power. We affirm ourselves to be extensions & expressions of that which is the very Essence of Power. We recognize this power to be part & parcel of our own selves. We  do not settle for the knowledge that we’ve been made BY this power.… Continue reading Be The Power