Humanity needs you

Today I choose to be stubbornly positive. Even when my efforts are not met with praise or social approval, I will strive to live in accordance with my highest values. Someone, somewhere will benefit from the power of my good intentions. I choose to be the best I can be not only for myself, but… Continue reading Humanity needs you

What goes around, comes in a round about way!

All too often, we do good for others only to become disappointed when similar acts of kindness go unreturned. Part of the let down and resentment we feel stems from the common conviction that one should “do unto others as you would have them do unto you” combined with the equally popular notion that “you… Continue reading What goes around, comes in a round about way!

Beware of advice Pt. 2

  I ended my last post promising to offer my two cents on what i referred to as “the million dollar question.” Be advised: you may find this assessment empowering.    The inevitable question   Shouldn’t we consult unhappy individuals or study the people who fail in order to learn what NOT to do? Here’s my two cents: If… Continue reading Beware of advice Pt. 2

Beware of advice

Do you like to ask people for advice? What standards do you use when asking them? Is there anyone from whom you would not take advice? Why? I would be an even richer man (I never like to think of myself as anything less than already rich), if I had a nickel for every person who… Continue reading Beware of advice

Is it safe to play it safe?

“The cost of not pursuing a dream is greater than the cost of failure.” -Jeff Goins Is there really such a phenomenon as playing it safe? I suppose one could make an intelligent case that some activities are more risk free than others. Sitting on my couch watching television seems to be safer than bungee jumping.… Continue reading Is it safe to play it safe?